About Gato.gg: Train Your Aim and Dominate the Game


We’ve all been there. You see the enemy, your finger slams down on the mouse button, but… whiff. The shot goes wide, and frustration claws its way up your throat. It’s enough to make you want to throw your keyboard (we highly recommend against that).

That’s why we created Gato.gg. We were tired of feeling like bumbling kittens in a firefight. We wanted to hone our reflexes, sharpen our aim, and become the sleek, deadly predators we knew we could be.

Here at Gato.gg, we channel the lightning-fast reflexes of our feline namesakes.

Cats are some of the quickest, most precise hunters in the animal kingdom, they have a faster reaction time than snakes:

GIF Source by Terrifying Nature (On Twitter)

We wanted to capture that speed and precision in our aim trainer, all while keeping it simple and accessible.

No bells and whistles, no confusing menus. Just pure, unadulterated aim training that you can whip out on any browser, anywhere.

Practice on your desktop, on your laptop, or even dominate those pesky rats on your mobile device while you’re on the bus.

Because hey, even if it doesn’t translate directly to lightning-fast clicks on your PC, those improved reflexes will definitely come in handy in your mobile games!

And why the rat target, you ask? Well, let’s just say those pesky rodents don’t stand a chance against the precision aim you’ll develop with Gato.gg.

Oh and by the way our aim and reflex trainer should help you build muscle memory in pretty much any game out there whether it’s FPS, TPS, MOBA and even mobile games!

So, are you ready to ditch the frustration and unleash your inner sharpshooter? Join the Gato.gg community today and start dominating the game.