CS2 Map Tier List: Where’s the Fun at?

CS2 Map Tier List

Every seasoned fragger has their opinions, and this CS2 map tier list is mine! From iconic classics to maps best left in casual matchmaking, let’s break down where I think each battleground ranks.

Let’s face it, even with a new name like CS2, some maps just hit different.

Whether you’re a hardened CS veteran or a fresh recruit, the maps you play influence everything from your individual performance to the overall flow of the match.

So, where does each map land in the current CS2 meta? Here’s my no-nonsense map tier list breakdown, complete with some spicy opinions and a sprinkle of nostalgia for good measure.

Disclaimer: My CS2 map rankings are based on a mix of personal experience, watching pro matches, and the general vibes these maps give off. Don’t get your tactical pants in a twist if you disagree!

The Tiers

  • S Tier: The undisputed champs. Well-tuned for competitive play and just plain fun.
  • A Tier: Still solid, but maybe starting to show their age a bit.
  • B Tier: Playable, but not top choices. Might shine in specific situations.
  • C Tier: Functional, but flawed. I’ll play if I have to…
  • D Tier: Nope. Imbalances, frustrations, or just a lack of overall appeal.

S Tier

Best CS2 Maps
Image Source: Valve
  • Anubis: The new kid on the block is making a statement! Challenging angles, multiple bombsite options… this one could become a CS2 mainstay if it keeps up this momentum.

A Tier

A Tier CS2 Maps
Image Source: Valve
  • Mirage: An old reliable. It’s lost some of its “must-pick” status, but mastering mid-control and those sneaky window plays is still a mark of a skilled player.
  • Nuke: This one’s a gamble, I’ll give you that. Stacked sites and vertical mayhem aren’t for the faint of heart, but pulling off a clutch on Nuke is always incredibly satisfying.

B Tier

B Tier Maps
Image Source: Valve
  • Ancient: This maze-like contender is growing on me. Tight chokepoints and sneaky lurk spots demand strong communication and tactical play.
  • Overpass: Man, those connector fights drag on sometimes. It’s still visually impressive, but Overpass needs some tweaks to make it feel truly dynamic again.

C Tier

CS2 Map Tier List: Vertigo
Image Source: Valve

Vertigo: Yes, the ramps still give me flashbacks to awkward whiffs, but hear me out: those fast connector pushes can make for thrilling rounds.

D Tier

D tier CS2 Maps
Image Source: Valve
  • Inferno: Oof. The legend’s fallen hard. Banana is a nightmare of spam and frustrating angles, and those retakes are brutal. Inferno, it’s time for a serious rework.

Bottom Line

Maps are subjective, and the meta shifts over time, especially in a game like Counter-Strike 2. What matters most is finding the battlegrounds where YOU frag the hardest and have the most fun.

Hit me up in the comments! I’m curious to see where your favorite maps placed on this CS2 map tier list.

But of course, map preference aside, what matters most is strategy and pure aim. Since most of us can’t be master strategists like Karrigan, we can at least improve our aim, how? Well by playing and training with our free online aim trainer of course.


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