Destiny 2 PvE Guide: Win Strikes, Nightfalls, Raids

Destiny 2 PvE Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive Destiny 2 PvE guide. Guardian, are you ready to answer the call and defend humanity in Destiny 2’s PvE activities?

Listen, after clocking in close to 950 hours in Destiny 2, I gotta say, PvE is my jam. It’s the perfect activity for any mood. Feeling stressed? Grab some friends, blast some extraterrestrial baddies, and unwind.

Want a challenge? Dive into a Raid with your fireteam and strategize your way to victory.

Bonus points: Unlike PvP, PvE lets you enjoy the loot train solo if you’re feeling like a lone wolf Guardian. This guide will turn you into a PvE pro, from conquering Strikes to dominating Nightfalls and emerging victorious from epic Raids. Time to become a legend!

Gearing Up for Glory

Power Level Matters

Destiny 2 features a Power Level system that determines your effectiveness in combat.

Ensure your Power Level meets or exceeds the recommended level for activities.

Prioritize powerful gear drops from Strikes, Nightfalls, Crucible matches, and completing Milestones.

Embrace the Subclass System

Each class (Warlock, Titan, Hunter) offers unique subclasses with distinct abilities. Experiment and find a playstyle that suits you.

Customize your subclass tree for activities – prioritize support for teammates in Strikes, maximize damage for Nightfalls, and choose a mix for Raids.

Exotic Gear: The Game Changers

Exotic weapons and armor offer powerful perks and can significantly enhance your effectiveness.

Popular choices for PvE include Gjallarhorn (rocket launcher), Trinity Ghoul (exotic bow), and Ursa Furiosa (Titan helmet).

Utilize these strategically to dominate the battlefield.

Strikes: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Destiny 2 Strikes Tips
Source: Bungie

Strikes are three-player missions where you’ll face challenging enemies and bosses. Communication and coordination are key.

  • Know Your Role: Each class brings unique strengths. Warlocks offer support with healing wells, Titans excel at ad control with grenades, and Hunters can provide invaluable crowd control with supers.
  • Stay Together, Stay Alive: Support your teammates by reviving them and utilizing buffs. Move as a unit and focus fire on priority targets.
  • Utilize Revives and Supers Strategically: Don’t waste revives on teammates in danger zones. Use Supers for maximum impact against bosses or clearing large groups of enemies.

Nightfalls: The Gauntlet Awaits

Destiny 2 Nightfalls Guide
Image Source: Bungie

Nightfalls are amped-up versions of Strikes with tougher enemies, modifiers that change the gameplay experience, and time pressure. They offer pinnacle rewards for the brave.

  • Nightfall Ordeals: These weekly challenges introduce additional modifiers that significantly increase difficulty. Study the modifiers beforehand and adjust your loadout accordingly.
  • Champions Rise: These elite enemies require specific tactics to defeat. Match your weapon element to Champion shields (Arc, Solar, Void) and utilize Champion mods to stun and take them down efficiently.
  • Communication is Critical: Nightfalls demand clear communication. Call out enemy types, champion locations, and revive opportunities for a successful run.

Raids: The Pinnacle of Destiny 2 PvE

Destiny 2 Raids Tips

Raids are the ultimate PvE challenges, requiring a well-coordinated team of six Guardians. They offer the most rewarding loot and bragging rights.

  • Assemble Your Fireteam: Find a team with clear communication and a willingness to learn raid mechanics. Having teammates with diverse subclasses can be beneficial.
  • Master the Mechanics: Each raid encounter features unique mechanics that require teamwork to overcome. Watch raid guides beforehand, understand your role, and practice with your team.
  • Patience and Persistence: Raids can be complex. Don’t get discouraged by wipes. Analyze mistakes, adapt your strategy, and persevere to achieve victory.

Bonus Tip: Sharpen Your Skills

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Hone your aiming and movement skills in lower-level activities. Mastering weapon recoil and effective movement will translate to success in all PvE challenges.
  • Stay Updated: Destiny 2’s meta (most effective tactics) can evolve. Follow reliable sources for the latest weapon and subclass recommendations.

Follow these steps and refine your skills, Guardian. This will help you conquer Strikes, dominate Nightfalls, and emerge victorious from epic Raids in Destiny 2.

Remember, teamwork, preparation, and a thirst for adventure are the cornerstones of a true legend.

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