How to Develop Game Sense in FPS Games

How to Develop Game Sense in FPS Games

Let’s face it, flicking heads and landing crazy sprays in FPS games feels amazing. But raw aim alone can only take you so far. To truly dominate the competition, you need to develop game sense – that crucial in-game awareness that separates good players from great ones.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge to nurture your game sense alongside your aim training on, making you a well-rounded FPS force.

The Pillars of Game Sense:

Develop map awareness
Rainbow Six Siege / Credit: Ubisoft

Game sense isn’t a single skill; it’s a combination of several key elements:

  • Map Awareness: Knowing every nook and cranny of the map is vital. Learn callouts for locations, common enemy rotations, and flank routes. Familiarizing yourself with maps while practicing aim drills will help solidify them in your mind.
  • Positioning: Being in the right place at the right time is key to winning firefights and objectives. Knowing where to hold angles, take cover, and anticipate enemy movements will give you a massive advantage.
  • Anticipating Enemy Movement: Don’t just react to enemies; predict them! Look for audio cues like footsteps and reloads, analyze enemy tendencies based on the game state, and utilize kill cams to understand their movements.
  • Decision-Making: Game sense boils down to making the right calls in the heat of battle. Should you push aggressively, hold your position, or flank the enemy? Practice analyzing situations quickly and making calculated decisions to gain the upper hand.

Integrating Game Sense into Your Playing Time:

Incorporate game sense training into your playing time

Watch pro players’ streams, analyze competitive gameplay footage, or even use in-game tools like custom lobbies to practice against bots that mimic unpredictable player movements (strafing, jumping, crouching).

This bridges the gap between your training and the chaotic reality of an FPS match.

Become a Game Film Buff – Learn from Your Clicks:

Review your actual gameplay footage. Look for situations where your aim faltered due to a lack of game sense. Were you caught off guard by a flank because you weren’t anticipating enemy rotations?

Did your crosshair placement suffer because you weren’t aware of common enemy positions on that map?

Even with basic training tools, analyzing gameplay can be transformative.

Identify these gaps and then, even without fancy customization options, mentally recreate those scenarios during your training.

For example, if you struggled with enemy flanks, imagine targets appearing from unexpected locations during your clicking drills.

You’ll improve your game sense alongside your raw aiming skills by mentally replicating these weaknesses in your training.

Remember: The beauty of FPS games lies in the dynamic interplay between raw skill and tactical awareness.

While advanced aim trainers can accelerate the process, the core principles remain the same.

So, keep clicking, keep strategizing, and watch your game sense evolve alongside your aim, making you a truly formidable FPS player.

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