Roblox FPS Games (Top 20)

Roblox FPS Games

Roblox might not be the first place you think of for intense FPS action, but you’d be surprised!

From tried-and-true classics to totally unique takes on the genre, developers on the platform offer something for everyone who loves a good digital shootout.

Ready to explore? Let’s dive in!

Top 20 Roblox FPS Games in 2024

  1. Arsenal: Frantic fun with wacky weapons and hilarious kill effects. A true Roblox FPS staple.
  2. Bad Business: Polished gunplay, ranked modes for the competitive, and plenty of maps to master.
  3. Phantom Forces: If you crave Call of Duty vibes on Roblox, this is your jam. Detailed maps and customizable guns galore.
  4. Counter Blox: Plant the bomb, clutch those rounds – the full Counter-Strike experience, Roblox style.
  5. Big Paintball: Pure, chaotic fun. Giant maps, ridiculous powerups, and perfect for taking a break from serious shooters.
  6. Island Royale: Roblox’s answer to Fortnite, with building mechanics adding a twist to the battle royale formula.
  7. Energy Assault: Team-based FPS with a touch of Overwatch flavor. Unique hero-like characters with special abilities.
  8. Nerf FPS: Capture the fun of those foam dart wars! Fast, silly, and a blast if you’ve got friends to play with.
  9. Zombie Uprising: Classic zombie horde survival mode, but with surprisingly good gun mechanics and tense moments.
  10. Polybattle: Large-scale warfare with tanks, jets, and huge maps. Battlefield vibes, with that unique Roblox chaos.
  11. Jailbreak: Not exclusively FPS, but the gunfights while escaping (or stopping) prisoners are surprisingly fun.
  12. [REC] Shutter: A hidden gem for horror fans! Outlast-inspired scares mixed with objective-based FPS action.
  13. Aimblox: A go-to if you want to practice, with everything from flick training to target tracking modes.
  14. Bullet Hell: Old-school arcade vibes – dodge waves of projectiles while blasting enemies. Surprisingly addictive!
  15. Call of Roblox: World War-themed FPS with multiple game modes and a focus on historical-ish weapons.
  16. Those Who Remain: Story-driven single-player FPS with a dark atmosphere. A change of pace if you’re tired of multiplayer mayhem.
  17. Mad Paintball 2: Like the first one, but even wackier! Think power-ups that turn you into a giant or let you fly.
  18. FRONTLINE: Squad-based, tactical shooter. Slower-paced and emphasizes communication for those who like a touch of realism.
  19. Dust 2 (Roblox): Yes, THAT Dust 2. Faithfully recreated for Roblox CS:GO nostalgia.
  20. Counter Blox: Get ready for tense 5v5 shootouts across the globe! Think classic CS:GO action, but with that Roblox twist. Earn cash by eliminating enemies and completing objectives, then spend it on powerful weapons and gear to dominate the next round.

The Roblox FPS Journey

This list only scratches the surface of Roblox’s wild FPS scene! New games pop up all the time, and with dedicated creators, the quality just keeps improving. So, go explore, find your favorites, and who knows – maybe you’ll even build the next Roblox shooter sensation!

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Your Turn: What’s Your Favorite Roblox FPS Game?

Seriously, we want to know! Drop a comment below with your go-to Roblox FPS and why you love it.

Let’s discover awesome community favorites together!

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