Top 25 Esports Games in 2024

top esports games 2024

The titans of esports battle for supremacy. In this article, we feature the top esports games in 2024. Which are your favorites?

The Meteoric Rise of Esports: Why the World is Watching

Esports isn’t just about playing games anymore; it’s a global phenomenon fueled by electrifying competition, dedicated communities, and the thrill of witnessing extraordinary skill.

From packed stadiums to millions of viewers online, esports has captured the hearts and imaginations of people worldwide.

So, what makes it so popular?

  • High-Stakes Drama: Pro players dedicate countless hours to mastering their game, making for nail-biting matches packed with clutch plays and unexpected comebacks.
  • Relatable Heroes: Esports stars, through their personalities and playstyles, become inspirations and fan favorites, fostering a strong sense of connection between players and audience.
  • Global Community: Esports transcends borders, building communities united by passion for the same games, creating a sense of belonging in the digital age.

With that said, let’s get to the rankings:

1. League of Legends (LoL)

A true esport behemoth, LoL boasts a dedicated worldwide player base and a long history of record-breaking tournaments like its iconic World Championship.

With consistent updates, a vibrant pro scene, and major sponsorships from companies like Mastercard and Red Bull, LoL remains a cornerstone of esports.

2. Dota 2

Dota 2 holds the crown for some of the largest single-event prize pools in esports history, with The International consistently shattering records.

Its strategic depth, iconic heroes, and passionate community have cemented its place as one of the most legendary esports titles.

3. Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 builds upon the legacy of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, offering refined gameplay while maintaining the core CS experience.

Its esports scene is intertwined with CS:GO, boasting the same legendary teams, established tournaments, and massive prize pools.

While it remains to be seen if CS2’s updates will significantly diverge in a way that impacts high-level competitive play, it currently dominates the tactical FPS esports arena.

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4. Valorant

Riot Games’ tactical shooter has stormed the esports world. Its blend of CS:GO-like fundamentals with unique hero abilities offers intense matches and strategic depth.

With rapidly expanding viewership and a growing competitive scene, Valorant is a force to be reckoned with.

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5. Fortnite

Fortnite’s massive player base and engaging, high-stakes tournaments solidify its esports presence.

Epic Games’ dedication to massive prize pools, celebrity involvement, and in-game cosmetics linked to esports generate hype and ensure Fortnite’s continued success.

6. Overwatch 2

Blizzard’s hero shooter sequel revamps the competitive landscape with new maps, heroes, and a shift to 5v5.

Overwatch League’s established fanbase and potential for high-octane tournament play ensure Overwatch 2 remains a significant contender in esports.

7. Rainbow Six Siege

Tactical and tense, Rainbow Six Siege carves its unique niche in the FPS esports scene.

High-level strategic play, diverse operator gadgets, and a dedicated professional league with major sponsorships make Siege a thrilling spectator sport.

8. PUBG Mobile

Leading the mobile esports charge, PUBG Mobile boasts a staggering player base, particularly in Asia.

Massive tournaments, impressive prize pools, and sponsorships from global brands like Oppo demonstrate the growing power of mobile esports.

9. Apex Legends

With fast-paced gameplay, unique Legends, and an evolving competitive meta, Apex Legends carves its path in the battle royale esports scene.

The Apex Legends Global Series attracts significant viewership and continues to grow in popularity.

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10. Rocket League

Combining high-flying cars and soccer-esque gameplay, Rocket League offers a unique, spectator-friendly esport.

Its accessibility, emphasis on mechanical skill, and enthusiastic community make Rocket League a consistent crowd-pleaser.

11. Call of Duty Series (Warzone & Competitive titles)

The Call of Duty franchise remains a staple in esports, both with Battle Royale titles like Warzone and traditional competitive modes.

CoD offers a familiar yet polished FPS experience, attracting large viewership and boasting a dedicated competitive scene on both consoles and PC.

12. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Dominating the Southeast Asian esports scene, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a MOBA juggernaut.

Major tournaments like the M-series World Championships offer sizable prize pools, and its thriving competitive landscape makes it a major force in mobile esports.

13. Brawl Stars

Supercell’s fast-paced mobile title offers quirky heroes and accessible gameplay.

The Brawl Stars Championship series attracts global viewership and offers a more casual-friendly competitive experience compared to traditional MOBAs on the list.

14. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Fighting game fans have long embraced the Smash Bros. series for its chaotic charm and high-skill execution.

While its esports scene is more grassroots than some other titles, tournaments like EVO consistently bring out top talent and dedicated crowds.

15. Arena of Valor

While less popular in the West, Arena of Valor holds significant sway in Asia as a premier mobile MOBA.

The Arena of Valor World Cup and other major tournaments draw in large viewership and solidify the game’s competitive presence.

16. FIFA Series

Sports games maintain a strong presence in esports, and the FIFA series leads the pack.

Boasting a global fanbase, high-profile sponsorships, and the potential for incredible clutch moments, FIFA’s continued success in the esports arena comes as no surprise.

17. Street Fighter

As a staple of the fighting game community (FGC) with a long history, Street Fighter’s impact on esports is undeniable.

Tournaments like the Capcom Pro Tour keep the spirit of arcade competition alive and showcase the incredible skill of top players.

18. Free Fire

Another mobile Battle Royale contender, Free Fire boasts immense popularity in regions like Southeast Asia and South America.

Its esports scene is rapidly growing, with tournaments like the Free Fire World Series gaining traction and attracting significant viewership.

19. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot’s mobile take on League of Legends has quickly become a serious competitor.

While its esports scene is still young, the Wild Rift Global Championship series demonstrates potential, and the game’s accessibility on mobile devices could contribute to further growth.

20. Starcraft II

A true esports legend, StarCraft II’s enduring appeal is a testament to its strategic depth and fiercely competitive scene.

While no longer the viewership giant it once was, tournaments like Global StarCraft II League continue to attract dedicated fans and showcase awe-inspiring levels of play.

21. Tekken

A pillar of the FGC alongside Street Fighter, Tekken holds its own through dedicated players and major events like the Tekken World Tour.

Its complex 3D movement and punishing combos offer a unique competitive experience compared to more mainstream fighting games.


Hi-Rez Studios’ action-oriented MOBA differentiates itself with its over-the-shoulder perspective and mythological theme.

The SMITE World Championship remains a staple in its esports scene, attracting passionate viewers and talented players.

23. Hearthstone

Blizzard’s beloved collectible card game boasts surprising strategic depth.

Its blend of luck and deck-building expertise keeps its competitive scene thriving, with tournaments like the Hearthstone World Championship drawing in players and enthusiasts alike.

24. Halo

Halo’s rich history as a console FPS makes it an esports favorite. The Halo Infinite Championship Series offers high-stakes competition, attracting both seasoned Halo veterans and passionate newcomers.

With skilled play, dedicated teams, and Microsoft’s backing, Halo is poised for continued success in the esports arena.

25. PUBG: Battlegrounds

As one of the pioneers of the Battle Royale genre, PUBG: Battlegrounds holds a place in esports history.

The PUBG Global Championship showcases the top players in intense, strategic battles for survival.

While the scene faces competition from newer titles, dedicated fans and its potential for heart-racing moments ensure PUBG’s relevance in esports.

Key Takeaways

The world of esports in 2024 is a dynamic and unpredictable playground. Established giants continue to reign in the viewership charts, while new challengers emerge with the potential to shake up the scene.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as the esports landscape evolves:

  • Mobile Esports on the Rise: With access from nearly anywhere, mobile titles are bringing competitive gaming to a massive worldwide audience.
  • Beyond the Prize Pool: Top players aren’t just in it for the money – the camaraderie, personal growth, and love of the game drive their ambition.
  • Esports is for Everyone: Whether you’re a hardcore competitor, casual spectator, or simply curious, there’s a place for you in the vibrant world of esports.

Esports success demands a wide range of skills, from strategic thinking to mechanical precision and everything in between.

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