Faster Reflexes, Better Aim. Aim Trainer

Train like a pro gamer and elevate your aim, reflexes, and reaction time for FPS games like CS2, Valorant, Overwatch, Fortnite TPS, MOBA, and more!

Why Aim Trainer?

Aim Trainer Built With Simplicity For Maximum Effect

Adjustable Difficulty

Start with Easy mode and shorter time limits to master the basics. Then, test your limits with harder difficulties and extended time challenges.

Focused Training

No distractions, no complex scenarios. It’s you, your crosshair, and a relentless rat target.

Track Your Progress

See your reaction times improve, your hit accuracy climb, and watch your confidence soar as you take on tougher challenges.



Our online aim trainer is completely free to use. Train as much as you want to elevate your skills.



Our browser aim trainer offers hassle-free practice: no downloads or installations required.



 Leveling up your aim is a satisfying challenge. Feel the improvement in your from your very first session. Aim Training Stats Track

Online aim trainer with stats

Track your Aim & Reaction Improvement

The Difference is in the Details

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